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nylira.net, based in Seattle, WA, is aimed at building secure infrastructure and tooling for distributed networks.

We believe that the future will be highly distributed. We are committed to delivering secure services and intuitive products that further the Cosmos community and ecosystem.

Peng Zhong was formerly the CEO of Ignite and Tendermint. He's been working on Cosmos since before the $17MM fundraiser in April 2017 (he built the fundraiser UI), and he is one of the original authors of Lunie, the first Cosmos wallet. Before Cosmos, he designed and maintained professional mining infrastructure for Ethereum and other Proof-of-Work blockchains.


Why Delegate To Us?

Physical Security

Our sentries and validators are located in highly-regarded international datacenters with 24/7 security guard services, full CCTV coverage, and biometric 2FA.

High Availability

99.99% guaranteed network availability with failover to cellular as backup. Battery and generator options keep nodes powered in case of localized blackouts.

Multiple Sentries

We run monitored sentry nodes in multiple datacenters across the world to defend various attacks and to ensure lower latencies to our validator nodes.

Redundant Validators

We keep two validator nodes online in separate physical locations for switch-over purposes in case of downtime from disasters and other black swan events.

24/7 Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art network infrastructure is monitored 24/7/365 with multiple levels of alerts ready to broadcast in case of any issue.

Token Security

The security of customer ATOM is a high priority for nylira.net. You retain control of your ATOM at all times, and you are free to redelegate your ATOM at any time.


How to Delegate

Thanks for considering delegating to nylira.net! We charge a standard commission rate of 10% to pay for ongoing validator security, stability, and maintenance.

You can most easily delegate via the Lunie web wallet. Delegate now »

If you prefer, you can also delegate with the `gaiacli` CLI tool. More documentation for delegating via CLI.

# our validator address:

# delegation command:
gaiacli tx staking delegate $VALIDATOR_ADDRESS\
  $ATOM_COUNTuatom --from $YOUR_KEY

# delegation command example:
gaiacli tx staking delegate \
  1000000000uatom --from pengzhong


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